Our People & Business Updates

Shareholders of Coral Intoil

Dato' Mohd Razip Mohammad

Dato' Mohd Razip has an in-depth market knowledge and a strong network in the oil & gas industry, especially in its construction sector. With over 25 years experience, he has built a string of business ties locally and internationally - this has helped him succeed in generating new revenue lines and achieving tough commercial goals for his clients. For example, in the last 5 years, Razip has sourced, negotiated and secured contracts amounting to over RM1 billion by setting up improved sales channels and new enterprising business ventures for his clients.


Business Updates

To date Coral Intoil has achieved the following milestones:

 Successfully advised clients who subsequently secured onshore EPC projects values at more than USD150M

 Instrumental in assisting a client to improve its yard operational utilization by increasing its productivity ratings by 100%

 Assisted a client to execute two international offshore projects valued at more than USD50M

 Successfully advised a major HUC contractor to secure a Brownfield Retrofit

 Supported a major HUC contractor to successfully execute its offshore facility retrofitting works by supplying competent PMT and offshore crew.

Business Track Record

Product / Service Period Description Client
Business Consulting 2007 to 2009 Provide long term Business Development, Project and Yard Operational Consulting Services OilFab
Business Context Analysis Studies 2008 Provide 6-week Business Context Analysis Report on a Business Devt Initiative EPIC Group
HUC Workpack Development 2008 Develop Workpacks for offshore HUC of 4 CPOC Wellhead Platforms OilFab
Check Valves 2008 Supply Check Valves for Talisman Projects Ramunia
Professional Manpower Supply 2007-2009 Supply of 3 Senior Engineers to support offshore HUC and offshore activities OilFab
Steel Material 2009 Supply of assorted Steel Material for Carigali Hess Retrofit Project OilFab
Retrofit Workpack Development 2009 Develop Workpacks for offshore Retrofit of Carigali Hess Platforms OilFab
Provide Project Management Personnel 2009 Supply of Project Management Team (PMT)Personnel and Facilities to support Carigali Hess Retrofit Project OilFab
Steel Material 2010 Supply HS Steel Plates, Pipes & Beams for Carigali-PTT Project CPOC
Pilot Shoe Guide 2010 Supply 5-1/2” Pilot Shoe Guide for Drilling operation Newfield
PMT & Offshore Crew Manpower Supply 2010 Provide PMT and Offshore Crew Manpower Supply for  Carigali Hess Retrofit Works Mushtari
Cables 2010 Supply electrical cables for SFP-A COTP Replacement Sabah Shell Petroleum
Water maker spares 2010 Supply Watermaker Spares Nippon Oil Exploration
Blasting Aggregate 2010 Supply Blasting Aggregates Sabah Shell Petroleum